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Warfleigh Neighborhood Association
2017 Monthly Meeting
Fresh Thyme Broad Ripple
Tuesday, October 10th

Meeting called by: Steve Brining

Board members present: Laura Rogers, Elizabeth Price, Rachel Green Sharp, Amy Barron, Tammy Sajdyk

1) Welcome- Steve Brining
2) Approval of last meeting’s minutes- Rachel motioned to approve, Amy seconded
3) Treasurer’s Report:
Account Balance as of September 12, 2017 09/12/17 $ 5,375.39
Disbursement to Vistaprint for Banner 09/27/17 (49.63)
Disbursement to Ning for monthly maintenance of Warfleigh.net 09/29/17 (24.95)
Disbursement for Neighborhood Dog Walk bank 10/03/17 (200.00)
Deposit for Neighborhood Dog Walk bank & donations 10/04/17 244.25
Account Balance as of October 10, 2017 10/10/17 $ 5,345.06

4) Committee Reports- nothing to report. Cathy Babcock asked about our current committees- no currently created, although we’ve considered one on road/sidewalk conditions. Steve and Laura explained how we’d like to created them going forward. Several people mentioned they’d be willing to participate in committees if they weren’t required to serve on board- but need more communication on what’s going on or what’s possible. Request for consistency on public meetings- maybe once a quarter- so that people can expect it. ​Steve explained that we’re aiming for every other month public meetings. Tammy also explained the challenge of finding a public space- that Saint Paul’s started wanting to charge for public meetings. Need to make sure that we’re updating Facebook with events. Rachel got a sign in sheet for all attendees

​Note on committees- it was asked that we put a call out for committees on the website/social media- then ask for committees to meet prior to board meetings and provide reports back for review- maybe every other month.

5) New Business
a) Dog Walk recap: 60-70 people and dogs attended- dog-centric businesses attended, the walk was well received. No one at the meeting except board members attended- it was suggested that we do more of the yellow signs so that people see them there for those who aren’t on Facebook or Nextdoor.
b) Fall Cleanup- Neighborhood leaf vacuuming with Green Landscaping being discussed. Matt explained that one flat rate was the best way to go- no way to know how large the lots are, it would slow the process down too much. The way other neighborhoods do it- Matt would get a list of neighbors interested, gives a date that he’ll be by, neighbors rake leaves out to the curb and the truck vacuums up. Looking at three different dates for the neighborhood, streets will be divided up. Leaves will be mulched up and taken up to Green Cycle to be made into compost. Part of the fee involves dumping. Question was asked on why we’d want to go into this as a group- it was explained that there could be a reduction in fee because of the number of neighbors involved, and that eventually this could be used as fundraising in the neighborhood. It was expressed that people will probably need multiple pick ups of leaves- Matt would be able to do this, he would just need people to sign up for multiple days.
c) Traffic and Red Line- Traffic calming in anticipation of Red Line can’t be done prior to the construction being done- need to wait until it’s up and running to see what the impact is. Traffic issues that already exist (prior to Red Line)- DPW (Nathan Sheets) did some temporary traffic modifications with barricades in other places to see what would happen if other modifications were put into place. This might be an option for Warfleigh, especially along Riverview. Speedbumps- 75% of the neighbors in a block need to approve of the speedbump (along with DPW approval). Speeding issues on Riverview closer to Kessler, rolling stops at four ways- how do we more effectively organize our needs across the neighborhood? Maybe a committee is needed to coordinate efforts? Lack of signage, striping, etc- goes to DPW. People speeding/running stop signs- goes to IMPD. Will give better resources on new website of who to call for what. It was asked that we put up a sign up on the new website for this committee.
d) Website- concept for new site- warfleigh.com built on standard website template- targeted to give people moving to the area more information regarding the area, link to message boards, articles on what’s going on in the neighborhood. Laura let people know that she needs photos for the website- varying architecture and neighborhood views. We expect that it’ll be live in the next month. Message board- people want notifications for when things are posted or when things happen- is that possible? Take the good things from Next Door. Good question- could we add a newsletter sign up to the new website? (see the last point below)
e) Neighborhood engagement: (out of 19 in attendance)
i) FB- 16 people use facebook
ii) Next Door- all use
iii) Instagram- 9 use
iiii) Twitter- 7 use
v) Suggestion given- could we start an email list?
6) Jim had a question on how we’re going to provide more transparency on meetings we’ve got with city officials, positions WNA has etc.
a) Steve expressed that while we were invited to the DPW/city meeting at the last minute- going forward we’ll have a better communication channel to let people know what has happened at these meetings
b) We’ll probably have more meetings as the station gets planned, we’ll make sure that is communicated out.
c) We’ll post if we know we are going to a meeting, to ask for suggestions ahead of time
d) Potential idea to utilize surveys, etc, to get feedback from neighbors

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