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Hi Neighbors!

I've worked for Angie's List for the last 10+ years and my family and I moved to Warfleigh about a year and half ago and we loved it here!

So Angie's List has started up a completely free (no membership required) forum similar to this one for neighborhoods all across Indianapolis. They are awarding 10 people in our neighborhood with $20 Simon Mall giftcards. 

You just need to do this to be entered - it's pretty simple:

1. Sign up for the Band of Neighbors by registering at neighbors.angieslist.com (or sign in to Angie's List if you're already a member and click on the Band of Neighbors tab). It's a totally free and secure place to chat with your neighbors. Again you're not joining Angie's List if you do this and it doesn't cost anything.

2. After you sign in you'll see my post about the giveaway and all you have to do is leave a comment on it that says what your favorite store to shop at during the holidays is and you'll be entered in the drawing!

Thanks for reading!

Heidi Birky



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I signed on. Seems like a lateral move from this place...just without the signs of anyone using it.

Fair enough. The idea is to try to make it MORE active. :) We have a pretty great neighborhood association from what I've seen on our own. But I will say that Angie's List has been known in my experience to do some pretty cool stuff - parties, giveaways, etc. which I think could be fun for us in addition to what we already have!


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